Posted on Feb 14, 2020

Progressive Tree Service

This picture is from one of our most recent tree service projects in Wilmette IL. (Do you notice something perched on the oak tree branches?)

The job consisted of inspecting and maintenance pruning of a white oak. As part of the tree work, we removed the deadwood and pruned the tree to allow for more clearance between the plant and the house.

We have a wide range of specialized tree care equipment, but, sometimes, the placement of the tree on the property does not allow for use of such equipment. Because part of the oak tree was not accessible to aerial lifts, the job requires 2 climbers to perform manual pruning.

Progressive Tree Service uses experienced climbers, that are trained to keep both your property and themselves safe.

The climbers used ropes and pulleys to safely lower the removed tree limbs over the house. After that, the branches are safely stacked on the ground and we begin mulching them.

Only when all the pruning is complete and the property is spotlessly cleaned is the job considered complete.

Part of our job as certified arborists is to know not only which limbs to remove, but also when to remove them. Pruning of oak trees should only be done in dormancy to reduce the risk of disease infection, specifically oak wilt and blights.

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