Posted on Aug 3, 2020

Progressive Tree Service

Tree removal is a solution we try to avoid whenever possible, but it is a necessary part of caring for your landscape. Trees provide a host of benefits and increase a property’s value, but, sometimes removing a tree becomes unavoidable.

Tree removal is recommended when a tree is dead, wilting, hazardous, or if it creates an obstruction. Trees expanding in constrained areas such as near buildings or power lines might have to be removed if trimming will not solve the issue. Trees are sometimes cut down to make room for new construction, such as a new building or home additions. One other reason to fell a tree is to replace it with another tree, possible from a species better suited for that particular location.

Tree removal cost varies based on height, diameter size, health of the tree, location of the tree and whether it is easily accessible to specialty equipment or manual removal is necessary.

Tree removal is dangerous work. From snapping branches and hidden power lines to hidden issues and structural weakness, there might be hazards that you are unaware of.

Progressive Tree Service provides arborist and tree removal services to residential, commercial and municipal customers in the greater Chicago area.

Progressive Tree Service
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