Posted on Jun 2, 2020

Progressive Tree Service

Chicago tree removal for health and safety reasons:

One of the biggest uncertainty property owners have is if whether the tree removal recommendation they received for their tree service contractor is the best option for them.
A tree removal might mean a bigger paycheck for the tree service company, but it is not necessarily in your best interest, since mature trees generally increase property value, on top of all the other benefits they offer.

There is no sure way to ensure that you will receive the best recommendations for you and your property, but hiring a ISA certified arborist is a good start.

Tree trimming, combined with other methods, is a good way to remove diseased and dead branches to help your tree flourish again. However, if it is done incorrectly (such as tree topping), it can further hurt the tree.

Of course, if the tree removal is done for other reasons and not because of safety or tree health issues, the next step is to find a tree removal service in the Chicago area, one that is preferably certified, licensed and insured.

Progressive Tree Service is a family owned Chicago tree removal company. We offer a full range of affordable tree services for residential, commercial and municipal clients in the Chicago area.

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