Oak trees are majestic and hardy, and they can live on an estate for centuries with proper maintenance. Even with their sturdy nature, oak trees typically fall prey to oak wilt and this may spell death to your beloved tree, without prevention and mitigation

You may not know, without regular ...

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Tree stump removal is not an easy project. Large stumps are harder to remove than smaller ones, and they take quite a bit of space in your yard. Tree stumps might also pose a risk as you might trip over them or stub a toe.

There are a few ways how to remove a tree stump, but they take quite a b...

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We would like to thank our wonderful team for all the hard work they put in over the past few days. There has been a lot of work to be done as a result of the recent storms and this meant long work hours in less than ideal conditions. Our team rose to the occasion and earned us mentions in local ...

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Tree removal is a solution we try to avoid whenever possible, but it is a necessary part of caring for your landscape. Trees provide a host of benefits and increase a property’s value, but, sometimes removing a tree becomes unavoidable.

Tree removal is recommended when a tree is dead, wilting, ...

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Although a tree can add beauty and shade to your yard, there may be a time you want to remove it. Maybe it was damaged in a storm or it's growing too close to your home. Or, maybe it's dropping too many leaves or branches.

Tree removal requires extensive training and knowledge. It is not the ty...

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Tree trimming is a good way for Chicago residents to keep their trees healthy, which, in turn, increases property value.

Tree pruning and trimming is best done by an ISA certified arborist, just to make sure the tree is not being hurt and that your property is safe.
Progressive Tree service is ...

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Chicago tree removal for health and safety reasons:

One of the biggest uncertainty property owners have is if whether the tree removal recommendation they received for their tree service contractor is the best option for them.
A tree removal might mean a bigger paycheck for the tree service comp...

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Uprooted trees are a potential hazard to people and their properties. Usually, when a tree gets uprooted, their root system gets damaged. In the case of small, young trees, they might still be saved. However, when it comes to older, bigger trees, the root system offers the plant both sustenance a...

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3 years ago
Excellent service and price. Juan came out within 24hrs and provided an estimate. Progressive removed a huge tree in between homes. Their team removed the tree with ease and precision. They seriously made it look easy! I would highly recommend them.
- Kevin N
6 months ago
Progressive came last week and we could not be any more satisfied with their work. We went for bid to trim two trees in our yard and of the five companies, they were not the low bid but their price was very competitive. The actual trimming, cleanup and overall service were too notch. I will recommend Progressive to anyone looking for tree service. This is a family run and operated business, so you know you are dealing with the owners who actually care about their service and reputation, and it shows. Top notch.
- C O
3 years ago
Initially I hired another company to trim my trees. When the other company started trimming they immediately got down from the tree and recommended me to remove it because it was "dead". I decided to get a second opinion and contacted progressive tree service. A few days latter I met with Juan and found out there was nothing wrong with my tree and all it needed was some pruning.
- Mark H

Certified Arborist Tree Removal & Care

Progressive Tree Service is a tree care company with locations in Chicago and Evanston IL.

Our tree service teams are supervised by an ISA certified arborist

So you are searching for “tree service near me” and you get a lot of tree service companies, each one bragging about how they are the best and the most affordable.   

Honestly, it is a little bit confusing.

This is how you decide.    

First, you have to understand that there are a lot of tree service providers that offer very similar services at comparable prices. You should split your choices in 2:   

 1️   The 1-2 man team, often cheaper in the short run. They might cost you a lot more in the long run because of lack of experience, proper equipment, labor force and bad recommendations. Yes, bad recommendations can cost you – that tree you just removed might’ve added 10-15k to your overall property value. Could you have saved it? You’ll never know. 

2️   The established tree service contractors, most of which are insured, bonded and certified.   

Sure, there are some expert tree providers that work with very small teams and do a very good job. But you should very carefully examine proof of insurance, certifications and the contract they provide you with, just to make sure that they are reachable if anything goes wrong.   

Established tree service companies can be selected by paying attention to details:   

✅      What to people say about them. Do they have good reviews? 
✅     Do they clean up after they are done trimming or removing a tree? You do not want to hire another company to perform the cleaning and you should not have to.
✅    Do they have the proper equipment?
✅     Are they experienced enough to handle some of the most difficult tree removal jobs? Imagine having to remove a tree leaning on the power cables just a few yards short of your roof with very little clearance. At 3AM, while it is raining hard.
✅    What is their approach to doing business and customer satisfaction? You know that server at the restaurant that smiled all the time and handed you an extra fortune cookie? This is how companies that you do business with should make you feel.      

Enough about us.   

You should be sure that you are getting the best value for what you are paying and that is why you can always request a free tree service quote at https://progressivetree.com/contact/   

We service the Northshore Chicago area, including, but not limited to, the following areas:   
📍Lake Forest 
📍Highland Park 
📍Morton Grove 

Progressive Tree Service
Evanston IL

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